Once a package has entered the possession of the postal service/company, we cannot be held responsible for any damaged goods delivered by the postal service/company. We are also not responsible for the delay or failure of delivery of items due to factors outside of our control. 

Route Shipping Insurance will automatically be added to your cart when you order. If you decide to remove this, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages. Click Here to learn more about Route Shipping Insurance.

If any address presents an error in our system, we will not ship to that address and will reach out for a new address or a correction of the address in error. Your options will be to ship to a new address or have your order refunded.

Some international orders shipped with First Class International Shipping will be untracked once outside of the United States and are therefore uninsured. 

We are not able to verify international addresses, so we will ship to the address included with the order. Therefore we are not responsible the products fail to deliver due to an incorrect address. 

No refunds will be given to reimburse shipping on two orders that are combined.

For orders that are returned to us through no fault of our own, responsibility will fall to the customer for the additional costs of shipping the package a second time. If the return was due to an error on our end, we will cover the costs of shipping it back out.

We are not responsible if a package does not arrive because the customer entered the wrong address or a misspelled the address. We will not send a replacement package or refund the order in this circumstance.