Every month we have a keyset groupbuy running, you will have a chance to win a free set simply by having the Tag of the Month in your Global Discord name (example below) 

Dixie | Get 8008, bra

We will go through our discord members and raffle off a winner out of everyone who is using the tag in their name. 

But there is one catch...

We will choose the winner on a random day throughout the month, but will not announce the winner until the last day of the group buy.

Any day during the groupbuy could be the day we choose the winner. 

For every 250 base sets that sell, we will add another set to giveaway.

250 - 1 set
500 - 2 sets
750 - 3 sets
1000 - 4 sets

Check the #tag4swag channel in our Discord Server every month to know what the tag is for the current keyset. 

We will check other servers when we choose the winner just to see if the winner is staying true to their tag, or just changing it everywhere else.
If we see you've changed it in other servers, we reserve the right to choose a new winner.
So check your nicknames in other servers!
This isn't a perfect system, but we just hope for people to be honest.